About us

Who we are

Seniors Helping Seniors® has been set up in Malta by Simon Fiorini Lowell and his wife Christina in 2013.  The idea is to provide our families with the option to remain at home in the safest and most harmonious way possible. On the other end it also gives retired or still active seniors the possibility to continue being productive whilst helping their community.   Since starting services late last year we have already managed to bring happiness and peace of mind to many families and given a chance to many others to prove they still have so much to give.

Our Story

Seniors Helping Seniors®, co-founded by Kiran and Philip Yocom, was incorporated in 1998 and continues to serve the Pennsylvania senior population in Berks and surrounding counties. Adhering to its mission-driven purpose, the corporation has grown from a one-person, start-up to a company that provides thousands of home care service hours to seniors via the efforts of hundreds of able seniors.

Before immigrating to the United States from India, Kiran Yocom volunteered with Mother Teresa for 14 years. Seniors Helping Seniors® was born out of Ms. Yocom’s personal mission to care for those who are unable to care for themselves.

In 1998, co-founders Kiran and Philip Yocom opened the first Seniors Helping Seniors® office in Berks County, PA, based on the fundamental concept that seniors can help each other age better and that those who give and those who receive equally benefit.

Today, the corporation has expanded to 300 centres in the US, UK and now Malta, and remains committed to providing senior citizens with the non-medical assistance they need to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own homes for as long as possible, by matching them with seniors willing and able to help.

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