How it works

If you need some support

Our innovative program creates the support you need from people who will understand you the most. Everyone who works with us has a strong interest in helping others.  Since our helpers are also seniors, they understand just a little bit more about the unexpected twists and turns of life.  And out of the understanding our people, who have come to help, become friends of yours.

For the people who help in the Seniors Helping Seniors® community, this is not just a job and you are not just a client. We’re interested in who you are and what you need.

As an innovative, intra-genarational companion and home help service exclusively for seniors, we provide:

  • An experience and credible resource of help for adults who want to stay in their homes
  • Full range of home care, companion and home maintenance support services from seniors who enjoy helping
  • Reasonable hourly rates for seniors who want services and reasonable hourly wages to those seniors who provide them

You may be looking for help for yourself or for someone you love. We can provide as much or as little support as you need. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services is the place to call for your senior’s personal care, when you can’t be there®

“Our family used other agencies in the past and there is no comparison. The difference is clearly that you care very deeply about your work and the people you are caring for.”

If You Want To Help

We are always looking for more loving, giving, caring, compassionate people. You may be one of these people.  You may be someone who understands that the true reality of life, the true joy, lies in helping others.  And while we are not motivated to do for others because of how much we will receive, we truly find that the more hearts are opened, the more they swell with joy.

Making another person a priority in your life, even for a few hours a day, adds years to your soul. The people who have joined us in our work are very special and very special to us. They receive the benefits of adding joy, energy and purpose to the lives of others.

Many of our seniors who help are recently retired or are on a reduced work schedule. Our helpers work only as many hours a week as they want, and they get to supplement their income in a very rewarding way.

If you want to help out, we’d like to talk to you.  Call us or apply online and we’ll help figure out what you can offer.

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